Information COVID-19.


Dear Guest,


We hope that in this troubled times, you and your loved ones are doing well.

We are living in an exceptional, difficult and for some even a dramatic situation ; however, our optimism encourages us to think that tomorrow will be more beautiful than yesterday, that the human being is good, that the surges of solidarity will intensify and that the understanding of the ecological urge of our planet will come out grown.


Today, all Yelloh campsites are closed by decree until at least April 15 in France, until April 11 at least in Spain and until an unspecified date in Portugal.

Brasilia has decided for the good of everyone to postpone its opening to May 16 (subject to health developments and government decisions). It was for all of us the only option possible to participate in the collective effort against the spread of this virus.


All the Brasilia teams were happy to welcome you, but the health of our customers and our collaborators must be our priority.

We are doing everything we can so that you will find The Brasilia you love again as soon as possible.

We thank you for your understanding and we extend our support to you!

The Brasilia team