Céret, the genuine

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Céret, the genuine

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Sub-Prefecture of the Pyrénées Orientales, the charming town of Céret lies some 40 km from campsite Le Brasilia. Located in the heart of the Vallespir, historical region of the Roussillon where the Tech runs through, Céret is an important tourist destination of the Pyrenees-Orientales.


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Céret - Camping 5 étoiles Sud
Céret - Camping 5 étoiles Sud
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Capital of the cherry, Céret the genuine has seen many artists passing by during its history. The painter Pablo Picasso, the sculptor Manolo Hugué, the poet Max Jacob and the composer Déodat de Séverac, they all have been seduced by the charm of this city which historic centre nowadays houses a Museum of Modern Art.

Among the other sights of Céret, its arenas where every year in mid-July the 'Ferias' are held, but also and especially the Devil's bridge, a unique construction because of its dimensions (a single arch bridge with an opening of 45 metres wide and 22 meters high), rising over the Tech since the 14th century.

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