The Catalan Pyrenees, between nature and tradition

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The Catalan Pyrenees

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The Catalan Pyrenees, or Regional Nature Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, are spread over nearly 66 municipalities and 1 371 km² of the department of the Pyrénées Orientales. First nature park in the Pyrenean mountain range, it includes the massifs and valleys of Cerdanya, of Conflent, of Capcir, of Pic Carlit, of Puigmaland of the Canigou.

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A paradise for hikers, the Catalan Pyrenees is a territory with seven nature reserves and three Natura 2000 sites. Crossed by the Small Yellow Train of Cerdanya, this Regional Nature Park also regroups many tourist sites, starting with the quaint villages, Vauban's citadels, classified by UNESCO, and the many ski resorts !

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In fact, it is near one of these, Font Romeu, that we find the famous solar oven of Odeillo. Its dimensions; 54 meters high and 48 meters wide, make it one of the two largest solar ovens in the world. The Héliodyssée, just a few steps away from here, allows you to inform yourself in a playful way about solar energy and the functioning of the Odeillo solar oven.

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